3 Different Pints


Las Vegas based show. 3 guys blind taste beers and tell hilarious stories. Although the show is based of a beer rating platform it is so much more. Grab a cold one, unplug from the world, and let Justin, Duane, and Kevin put a smile on your face.


Originally from California Kevin moved to Las Vegas in 1997. He became a Casino Dealer and has worked in multiple casinos on the strip and has traveled the world dealing on Cruise ships. He has a great passion for Chargers football, Beer, and anything Irish especially “St Patricks Day”.


Born in Cleveland Ohio, He moved to Vegas in 1994. After living the “Vegas Dream” by hitting BIG. He moved to Thailand and married his sweetheart. After 3 years Vegas was calling and moved back.


Born in in Oklahomo, moved to Las Vegas in 1997 so he could live with his mommy. He has a passion for video games and drunk chicks. He despises Beer and testicles.